Myths vs. Facts – What do you really know?

Our eyes are complex organs, and with complexity comes a plethora of myths that can blur the lines between fact and fiction. From the age-old belief that sitting too close to the TV damages your eyes, to the modern concerns…

Reading in Dim Light Damages Eyesight:
Many of us have been cautioned against reading in dim light, with the fear that it could harm our eyesight. While it’s true that reading in low light conditions may cause eye strain and fatigue, it doesn’t lead to permanent damage or deterioration of vision. However, adequate lighting can certainly make reading more comfortable and reduce strain on the eyes.

Sitting Too Close to the TV:
Another common myth is that sitting too close to the television can cause harm to your eyes. While parents have long warned their children against this habit, there isn’t any proof that it has any long-term negative effects. Sitting too close to the television can however be a sign that near-sightedness or another vision correction is necessary.

Eye Exercises Can Eliminate the Need for Glasses
Many people think that by strengthening the muscles in their eyes, they can avoid wearing glasses or contact lenses. While some eye exercises can help reduce feelings of eye strain or enhance coordination in particular situations, they are unlikely to dramatically improve visual acuity or correct refractive problems. It is imperative that you see an eye care specialist if you have vision issues in order to have a thorough eye exam and suitable treatment for your eye requirements.

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