Paediatric &
Scholar Assessments

Your child’s vision plays a crucial role in how they learn, develop and grow throughout their lifetime. With this in mind, we recommend that parents bring their child in for their first comprehensive eye exam at the age of 5 or even earlier if they start displaying signs of poor vision. 

If your child is experiencing vision issues, they may exhibit the following signs: 

Excessively rubbing
their eyes


Tilting head or
covering one eye 

Reading books or screens
up close to the eyes

Complaining of
headaches or eye pain

Following their first visit, kids should continue to have eye tests every two years, especially as they approach their school years. 

A comprehensive eye exam for your child will help to check their visual acuity, the health of their eyes, and the proper function of their eye muscles and general eye function. A refractive test may also be done to determine whether your child’s eye needs correction. 

Early detection means early treatment, which will help your child start school with the best vision possible.

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