Regular eye examinations are a crucial component of proper eye health.
At Van Eeden & Le Roux, we recommend that everyone get their eyes tested every two years, regardless of whether they wear glasses. 

Our comprehensive eye examination includes assessing how well you can see and allows us to screen for any underlying eye diseases, such as glaucoma and cataracts. 

For most of our patients, the process begins with an in-depth discussion of your eye health history. This helps us establish a baseline understanding of why you have come in for an eye examination. Once we are more familiar with your needs, we will proceed with a series of tests to provide a possible diagnosis and a clear direction for your treatment plan. 

The type of tests you have may vary depending on your age and needs, but in general, the procedure will include the following:

Visual Acuity Test 

You might be familiar with this standard eye test. A visual acuity test typically uses a chart of letters or symbols of different sizes arranged in various rows and columns. You will sit a certain distance from the chart and cover one eye while taking the test. First, you’ll be asked to recite the letters you can see with your uncovered eye. Then, the same procedure will be repeated with the opposite eye. It is done to determine how well you see details from a distance.

Ocular Motility Test

This eye movement test assesses how well your ocular muscles are working. Your optometrist will begin by covering each eye and asking you to follow a light with your uncovered eye as it is moved into different positions. Then, the same process will be repeated with both eyes uncovered. This helps determine whether your eyes are tracking poorly, if you have double vision, or if they are showing signs of jerky movements. 

Refraction Assessment 

If an initial eye examination determines poor vision, a refraction assessment will establish the precise prescription you need for your glasses or contact lenses.

Colour Blindness Screening 

Your optometrist will use a colour plate test to evaluate whether you have trouble identifying colours, indicating that you are colour-blind. Further tests will be done to determine the type of colour blindness you have. 

Diagnostic Eye Tests

At Van Eeden & Le Roux, we are equipped to screen for severe eye-related conditions that could be causing vision loss, such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy. 

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