Healthy Vision Month 2024: Reframe Your Future

Join us for Healthy Vision Month 2024! This year, Healthy Vision Month is shining a light on vision loss and mental health.

Vision loss can have a major impact on every part of life. Having a visual impairment can create challenges in performing everyday tasks, and the stigma around losing vision can be isolating — causing feelings of fear, anxiety, or grief. But you’re not alone.

Healthy Vision Month is celebrated every year in May to stress the importance of the health of our eyes. This month was established by the National Eye Institute in 2003 and aims to spread awareness and educate people about the risks of ignoring the health of their eyes. It encourages them to go for regular eye checkups and not wait for eye problems to arise before they do.

• Share on social media
Share resources and articles on your social media platforms. Many doctors and organizations provide important info on healthy vision. Use the hashtag #HealthyVision or #HealthyVisionMonth.
• Reach out via your organization
If you work at an organization and it has a website, blog, or newsletter, use this to spread the message. Doing this increases your reach.

• It stresses the importance of vision
Without our vision, life would be extremely difficult. All that we see is what makes up our world. Healthy Vision Month stresses the importance of caring for our eyesight.
• It promotes proper treatment of vision
Many people ignore minor issues in their eyesight. This can lead to major issues in the future. Healthy Vision Month is to encourage them to get their eyes checked out.

Prioritize the eyes
Healthy Vision Month is a celebration of the gift of eyesight.
Thus, it educates people to prioritize their eyes and not ignore any possible signs of impairment.

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